Septembre, 2017

01sep23 h 00 min02(sep 2)7 h 00 minDEEP DOWN presents Thomas Melchior and David GluckAmpere, Simonsstraat 21 Antwerp 2018



September 1st 2017. A new record label called ‘Deep Down’ emerges from the heart of the Belgian club scene.

Antwerpian familiar faces and longtime friends Delbaen and Veebo, mostly known from their microhouse project Pur Sang, decided to immortalize their passion for electronic music with an impressive series of quality home brewed vinyls and equally intense parties. They team up with Ampere to strive for a cosy and sexy experience in a renewed venue, with their minds set on a perfect sound.

The future of Deep Down unfolds with an introduction of their all-time heroes in the city of Antwerp. First up are Perlon’s finest Thomas Melchior and David Gluck!

To top it off we have Dan D, notorious sound wizard and known from his monumental sets at Club der Visionaere « official » in Berlin. Delbaen and Veebo are eager to make this party legendary. Let’s go #deepdeepdowndown.

On this night you will be able to buy the first Deep Down release exclusively on PRESALE!


Thomas Melchior/Melchior Productions Ltd (Aspect, Perlon – Berlin)
David Gluck (Minibar, Perlon – Paris)
Dan D (Club Der Visionaere – Berlin)
Veebo (Deep Down)
Delbaen (Deep Down)

Presale Tickets: €12 >


Vendredi 1 à 23:00 - Samedi 2 à 7:00



Simonsstraat 21 Antwerp 2018

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